咪乐|直播|吧 据查,这已是美国军舰第十一次进入中国南海相关岛礁邻近海域。

Zhang Yuantu interrupted them with a dry cough:“Don’t make trouble with him,Chen Xiu here,Let’s try,Let me see how hard your martial arts are!”
Chen Xiu is now full of strength in his body,Seeing Zhang Yuantu’s face still pale,I was worried that I would kill him with a single palm。
“Zhang Tianshi,Otherwise, let’s not compare……”
“You look down on me!”Zhang Yuantu glared at Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu spit out in his heart:“You were only injured by a zombie last night,I’m not too angry now,How can you compare to me!”
It’s too hurt to say this directly,Chen Xiu had to say softly:“Zhang Tianshi,How dare i look down on you,It’s not that your martial arts are too high,I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop you with a few tricks,Can’t try my strength。”
Although Chen Xiu is euphemistic,Everyone understands that this is the other way around。
Zhang Yuantu also knows that he hurt his valve at this time.,Said to Lin Shuangwen:“Double text,You fought him before,Now go up and try,How much has he improved!”
“it is good!”
Lin Shuangwen competed with Chen Xiu last time,On top,Guang and Chen Xiu are stronger,I haven’t used many of my powerful tricks,Naturally not convinced,I wanted to try again with Chen Xiu。
“Chen Xiu,I practice with you!”
Chen Xiu can’t agree,He rushed forward and hit Chen Xiu’s face with a punch。
His punch is not only with his own punch,Even more skillfully,I press down my body of over 180 kilograms together,The combined strength of the two is no less than 800 catties。
Chen Xiu was stronger than him originally,Now crush the body again,More than double the strength,Not afraid,The fist facing him is also a punch,Two fists,A loud noise。